Agona Rural Bank disburses loan to women groups

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The Agona Rural Bank has granted over seven million cedis to more than 2,100 women groups engaged in small and medium enterprises.

Mr. Ben H. Amosah, General Manager of the bank with its headquarters at Agona Kwanyanko made this known to the press at Agona Kwanyako.


He stated that the 2015 economic situation was not favorable, but with prudent management the bank was able to disburse the money to the women to expand their businesses.


The General Manager said the groups were formed at Suhum- Kraboa- Coaltar and Asamankese among others in the Easter Region with education to enable them to know how to manage the facility.


He said that apart from the seven million cedis released by the bank to the women groups in 2015, the management had set aside a substantial amount to be given to other women groups at Agona Swedru and its adjoining towns.


Mr. Amosah said since the credit officers had given women groups sufficient education, repayment of loan facility had not been a problem at all.


He said the money released was a revolving one, to help others on the waiting list hence the need for quick repayments.


The General Manager said apart from financial supports offered to the women groups, the bank had also set aside some amount to be given to government workers.


He said the salary workers could access the loan facility to enable them pay their children’s school fees and also help to undertake their building projects.

Source: http://www.ghanaiantimes.com.gh